Manual Magic and Makutu (Aotearoa, Book 6)

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To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. King of Lanka David Hair Author Swayamvara David Hair Author Pyre of Queens David Hair Author In quick rhythmic tones he uttered these words translated :. A Taranaki family: Whare-aitu and his wife and children, of Taiporohenui. This opening karakia was in effect an appeal to the gods to reveal the cause of the makutu. The Po, or Night, personified the powers of evil.

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Then the priest placed his hands on the two tokos which remained upright and recited a short prayer, which I translate from Bent's recital. Release this evil spirit, O Spirits of the Sky! Let the evil fly from him, let it be cast from him, from the body of this sacred one, of this chief! This invocation ended, the priest picked up the tokos representing the invalid and the tribe from the ground, and going to a small tree which stood on the stream side he carefully laid them in a fork of the branches. They were now tapu , and must not be allowed to lie about where anyone might unwittingly touch them.

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The toko pulled out of the ground by the pakeha -Maori's dog was allowed to lie where it was. This ended the ritual. He will recover now. Before many days you will hear more news. The Rupe household returned to their kainga.

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The boy began to recover fast, and in a few days was well. Faith had worked wonders. As for the enemy who had—according to Hupini—wrought the evil deed, the curse fell quickly. Hupini had told Rupe his name; it was that of a relative of his who lived at Parihaka, and who had some reputation as a tohunga and a caster of spells.

In a week news came from Parihaka that this man had died suddenly; cause unknown. In the minds of Rupe and his household—and also in that of the to hunga —there was no doubt whatever as to the cause of death. That was the old pakeha -Maori's story. For his own part, he had no doubt whatever as to the guilt of the Parihaka dealer in magic and spells.

And he was firmly convinced also that it was the superior spiritual power, the mana tapu of Hupini, that had prevailed over the inferior knowledge and skill of the secret enemy. Fatal projection of thought, the victory of mind over matter and distance, or whatever the pakeha wise men may call it, it was undoubtedly a power that certain tohunga Maori once possessed, and that not very long ago. Home Advanced Search About Help.

The Bone Tiki (Aotearoa, #1) by David Hair

Victoria University of Wellington Library. Other formats. A Tale of Old Taranaki. The Wise Man's Diagnosis. The Bone Tiki Hair David. Unholy War David Hair In war, nothing is holy. Shaliyah, birthplace of the Prophet, now has a new name: Mother of Victories.

Magic and Makutu

In the wake of the devastating battle before her walls, everything has changed: the East is rising His father's important new client wants it. And he has some very nasty friends.

When Mat is forced to flee for his life, an unexpected meeti