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Analysis reveals that the P-I PSS provides sufficient damping for inter-area oscillations and gives better dynamic performances when compared without PSS. Analysis also reveals that the proposed P-I PSS works satisfactorily following a transitory three-phase fault. In this paper, various temporal features i.

The efficacy of these features has been analyzed for the classification of normal and dysphonic voices by comparing their performance with the features derived from the linear prediction LP residual and the speech waveform. In addition, the effectiveness of fusing these features with state-of-the-art Mel frequency cepstral coefficients MFCC feature-set has also been investigated to understand whether these features provide complementary results. The classifier that has been used is the 2nd order polynomial classifier, with experiments being carried out on a subset of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary MEEI database.

The study of text-independent speaker identification in emotional environments is presented in this paper. The study includes identifying the speaker using speech samples in five basic emotions viz. A novel classifier fusion method is proposed and its performance is compared with that of the individual classifiers. The database containing speech utterances recorded in the five basic emotions from thirty four speakers in one of the Indian languages Marathi is used for experimentation.

Gaussian mixture model is used for classification. Fusion of classifiers enhances the speaker identification accuracy in both emotional and neutral environments. Conventional machining process of freeform surfaces usually employs three-stage machining process of roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. This multi-stage machining process has some weaknesses such as the repetition of process planning activities or heavy cutting load changes. But they can be overcome by gradually machining a stock along morphing surfaces.

The generation of the morphing surfaces transforming smoothly inside the to-be-cut volume is essential for the new machining process and it can be achieved by the volume interior parameterization. This paper introduces five volume interior parameterization methods: TFI method, Laplace method, Poisson method using exponential control functions, Poisson method using arc-length based control map and weighted parametric redistribution method.

Algorithms for these methods are presented, and their respective computer simulations packages are generated. Numerical examples show that the algorithms can adequately generate intermediate machining surfaces inside any arbitrary shape volume. Modelling of fish swimming patterns has long been a challenge for the aquaculture community. In this proposed work, the modeling of fish swimming patterns and water condition such as pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen in fish tanks are analysed using network cameras and water sensors.

An enhanced object tracking algorithm consisting of a combination of motion detection and condensation algorithm is applied to detect the change in speed and vector movement of the fishes in the viewing field. In addition, this research proposes an intelligent real-time monitoring tool to provide alert signals of water quality and healthy level of fishes. Nowadays, there is a worldwide interest in Distributed Generation DG. This is due to the need to integrate renewable energy sources into the Distribution System.

This paper proposes the development of a platform to the safe and intelligent management of the DG in the grid. It is considered an Embedded System ES that performs measurements of Power Quality PQ and determines the consumption of electric power in the grid, in addition to implement the functionality of a digital relay providing to system of the typical protection functions. The proposed system requires a platform to integrate, among others, innovative technologies of processing multifunctional, synchronization and communication. Humans are subject to traumatic incidents which cause that people cannot perform activities of daily life.

When a muscle is not used or weakened, it tends to shorten, resulting in the joints become stiff, causing deformities or contractures that without the stimulus of movement or physical therapy lose their skills. In this study a knee rehabilitation virtual prototype is presented which provide a flexion-extension movement with a Generalized Proportional Integral GPI controller that bring a softly movement.

Frontiers in Education

A GPI controller is proposed for the efficient rejection of a completely unknown perturbation input in controlled knee rehabilitation equipment. GPI controller results in a robust perturbation rejection scheme for a trajectory tracking task on the controlled knee rehabilitation equipment subject to the unknown perturbation input. To resolve the issue of cooperative searching in a given area by a team of heterogeneous UAVs, taking into account their different sensing and range capabilities, based on Bayesian network, this paper contributes a hierarchical structure for cooperative UAVs search mission area decomposition system.

A novel multiple UAV cooperative search area decomposition algorithm based on proposed UAV working capability evaluation Bayesian network is also proposed. The ability of coping with uncertainty, which makes this approach notably appealing for real-time implementation, is empirically verified by simulations. The experimental results demonstrate that the presented approach is effective and efficient in the multiple UAVs cooperative search area decomposition problem.

The invisible framework formed during the process and EPS Module play the role of envelope and load-bearing. It is a new type of framework system which includes the function of building energy efficiency and force structure. It has many advantages, such as good insulation, good durability, light weight, thin wall, small structure load, good seismic performance. It is also easy to applying in industrial production, easy to be installed.

It is high efficiency in construction and lossless in the course of working. It can reduce construction waste and environmental pollution, all this can meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. It can be used for energy-saving construction under third fire resistance rating, such as residential building, public buildings, and industrial plants. This paper introduces the structural points and construction technical points of the structural system, which provides a technical guide for the application promotion of the system.

Data dissemination provides data that matched with the interest to the querying nodes, so that nodes can obtain specific information. As data is massive and nodes are resource constrained in the international network of things, it becomes a big challenge to design and implement such an efficient dissemination protocol.

In this paper, we propose a novel quorum based protocol to deal with this issue. A connected dominating set is first constructed as the backbone. Massive data can be integrated according to some rules within the dominating nodes. Then a quorum based data dissemination method is applied based upon the backbone structure.

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Several variants are proposed to adjust the quorum system. The simulation results show their significant improvements on energy efficiency over the protocols that apply quorum methods based upon the grids. The paper demonstrates a robust control strategy for variable air volume VAV air handling unit AHU systems which are commonly used in office buildings.

Compared with traditional VAV AHU control adopting constant the setpoints of static pressure and supply air temperature, the strategy is composed of two independent modules, static pressure reset control and supply air temperature reset control. The optimization is realized by identifying optimal static pressure setpoint and supply air temperature setpoint to achieve predefined thermal comfort standards.

The thermal comfort standards can be customized based on the practical operation performance through altering related parameters to tolerate unavoidable defects in real VAV AHU systems. The strategy was developed into software and applied in AHU systems of an office building located in Hong Kong. Its control performance was evaluated with respect to energy saving and indoor thermal comfort maintenance and proved to be effective.

The selecting of the best starting pitchers from many alternatives is a multi-criteria decision-making MCDM problem. The AHP is used to analyze the structure of the starting pitcher selection problem and to determine weights of the criteria, while the TOPSIS method is used to make the final ranking.

An empirical analysis is conducted to illustrate the utilization of the model for the best starting pitcher selection problem. Since the neural network was introduced, significant progress has been made on data handling and learning algorithms. Currently, the most popular learning algorithm in neural network training is feed forward error back-propagation FFEBP algorithm. The PNN learning is a self-organizing process designed to determine an appropriate set of Ivakhnenko polynomials that allow the activation of many neurons to achieve a desired state of activation that mimics a given set of sampled patterns.

In this paper, the PNN models have been developed using the sequential processes of high efficiency silicon solar cells experimental data. The output characteristics considered are reflectance, sheet resistance, diffusion depth, and cell efficiency. The influence of each parameters affected to efficiency is investigated through the main effect and interaction analysis.

Sequential PNN process models are constructed to characterize the entire 3-step process. To characterize sequential processes using PNN, experiments were processed under varying conditions using central composite design CCD with three center points. It was shown that the output of the PNN model follows the real experimental measurement data very well. In this paper, by combining Drools rule engine and Web Service technology in Axis2 architecture, we proposed a solution to solve the problem that Drools could not deal with the data object in Web Service environment directly.

This solution could help enterprise use Rule Engine technology and Web Service technology in a simple and effective way. It satisfies that enterprise can respond quickly to the changes of business rules, and greatly improves the reusability of business rules. The storage performance directly influences usability and overall user experience in mobile devices. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of AndroBench, a storage benchmarking tool for Android-based mobile devices.

We also analyze the AndroBench results we collect from hundreds of devices from all over the world. Our analysis shows that no single device outperforms another one in all categories we tested. We also find that the type of eMMC and the filesystem significantly affect the storage performance. By the using of Unified Service-oriented Rules Describe Language, we put forward a new method of designing service-oriented business rules: firstly use Unified Service-oriented Rules Describe Language to design business rules, secondly exchange the Unified Service-oriented Rules Describe Language code into rule language which based on rule engine rely on a mapping table.

Finally with this method we offer a business rules designer of Drools rule engine which offering a graphical editing interfaces. Hand detection is a challenging research field in computer vision due tothe high freedom of hand for discrimination especially under low imaging conditions. In this paper, we mainly develop a novel feature that we called active Histogram of Oriented Gradient aHOG for palm detection inunconstrained grey-level images.

So that the output feature takesshorter description length and are less insensitive to light variations and background clusters, without much performance penalty. Besides, we use a scale partitionstrategy to achieve fast palm tracking. In our experiments, the performance is demonstrated to be very effective on the infrared palm database collected by ourselves, which involve rich inter-plane and out-of-plane rotations. The trace and rare earth elements of ultramafic xenoliths from Peiliao area and combined with major elements proposed by Yang et al. Spinel lherzolite mainly composed of olivine, orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene and spinel is the major rock type of ultramafic xenoliths found in Peiliao area, Penghu Islands, Taiwan.

Based on major elements of ultramafic xenoliths analyzed in the present study Yang et al. The ultramafic xenoliths have higher MgO content, but lower Al. O contents than primitive mantle proposed by Sun and McDonough [2], indicating that they represent residues formed by different degrees of partial melting from the upper mantle.

These correlations mentioned above indicate that the ultramafic xenoliths from Peiliao area represent the residual materials after the primitive mantle had undergone partial melting. The spidergrams and the chondrite-normalized REE patterns reveal that ultramafic xenoliths from Peiliao area are depleted which indicate that the mantle beneath the study area had undergone relatively smaller degree of partial melting.

The exchange of global variables in swarms of underwater Autonomous Vehicles AUV becomes very useful for many practical purposes. So a scheduling algorithm with distributive control is used to achieve the necessary many to many exchange of global variable. The knowledge of the propagation delay which is present in the system is used to overlap node communication through scheduling and thereby increase the channel utilization. Modeling and simulation of the algorithm is presented and the results show that there is a significant increase in the channel throughput. The paper describes methods for suppressing vibrations of a cantilever beam.

The results demonstrated that P and NSC controllers were the most effective of these algorithms. The relevant tests were carried out using a set-up controlled by a DSP board supported by a PC system. Spectrum sensing is one of the most important technologies in cognitive radio communication system. Considered the different characteristics of spectrum sensing algorithms and the computational complexity of the implementation in reality, we propose a method to process the sample signals with parallel architecture for spectrum sensing based on statistical covariance matrix.

Through reasonable data grouping without affecting the performance of detection, it can take advantage of parallel computing in hardware to spectrum sensing rapidly and real-time. This parallel structure plays a great application values to reduce the complexity when implementation. This implementation method has been applied in the test bed of cognitive radio communication system which worked on the spectrum from MHz to MHz.

Finally, the verification of this method has been done on the demo system based on DVB-T signal. Gathering information on the large crowd of pilgrims attending Hajj is beneficial for management and safety of the event. Capturing information from videos can provide an effective method to gather different kind of data. However extracting information from such a large crowd is a challenging process. Computer vision allows for capturing of such information without the need for specialized devices or manual marking labeling.

In this paper we will focus on extracting pedestrian information such as speed from a video of Gate 1 King Abdul Aziz of Masjid al-Haram. Getting such information is non-trivial for many reasons, one of which is high occlusions. A literature review of the methods used for detection and tracking of human motion is presented. A methodology for the pedestrian parameter extraction is also proposed and the preliminary results of the tests on the algorithms are presented. Video Manipulation is the major requirements of film industries.

A specific problem called a moving object path manipulation is tackled in this work. Simplified and efficient technique of a background video extraction with mosaic method is proposed which drastically decreases the computational complexity. A strip search algorithm for mosaic creation is suggested as a suitable mosaic method for this work. Image in-painting method is introduced for the creation of mosaic background. Background frames are estimated with frame estimation process. Dynamic motions extraction from the original frames and their merging to the background frames at the specified locations is implemented for the visualization of the originality but with the manipulation of the motion path.

However, most file systems have been optimized for hard disk drives and general filesystem workloads. This paper aims at improving the performance of the Ext4 filesystem, a de facto filesystem in Android-based smartphones, by taking into account the filesystem workloads in the Android platform and the characteristics of the underlying NAND flash-based storage device.

We have considered five tuning parameters of the Ext4 filesystem. The Ocean is an important component part of the earth; it provides people the richest and the most valuable material resources.

Frontiers of Computer Science

However, it is under various degrees of pollution every year. One of the most harmful pollution among them is the pollution by oil, and these oil pollutions are mainly come from ships oil leakage and explosions of oil platforms or submarine pipelines etc. The direct economic losses of each time accidents caused could be millions or tens of millions of upper and lower, so the action of monitoring oil leakage with regard to the ocean becomes significantly important. It contains introductions to the basic steps and implementations of monitoring oil leakage by SAR image, and also analysis of them.

By comparing different methods of filtering, the enhanced Lee filter is ultimately been selected and settled as the filtering method, and then we extract and contract the area of oil leakage by using single threshold method, maximum entropy method and unsupervised classification method respectively. Finally, we bring up the developmental direction of oil spill detection in SAR image. We consider power adaptation for constant rate transmission in Nakagami fading channels under the assumption that channel state information is provided at both the transmitter and the receiver.

We derive average BER expression for channel inversion CI with peak and average transmission power constraints, and compare it to optimal power adaptation policy in minimizing the average BER. The transmission power is allocated over. We analyze the trade-off between. Our results show that the bit error rate BER can be significantly reduced if. In order to realize the function of creating and accessing the dynamical database table based on Hibernate framework in runtime, we propose a method using XML and Java class compile and load function. First we define the dynamical database table structure based on XML, then the system creates the database table from the above definition, and produces the Hibernate mapping class and mapping file with the Velocity template technique.

At last the system compiles Java mapping class and loads the class and the mapping file, thus we can access the dynamical database table through Hibernate which uses the mapping class and the mapping file. With the help of the method of creating and accessing dynamical database table the Hibernate-based applications can make most use of the benefits of Hibernate, and increase the development efficiency and system response speed. Then, through a specific algorithm, the server authenticates its users alone. Due to these schemes are independent and each scheme develop a specific algorithm by their self, the development cost and time cost are very high.

To avoid the costs rise, we present a novel authentication scheme using a polynomial for multi-server environments. The scheme can generate a public polynomial that contains a specific Access Right AR.

Quantum Computing: the Next Frontier

The AR means the legal user has different authorized level based on which server in the multi-server environment. Furthermore, the scheme can verify without password table. The environment can authorize many servers at one time so that the users who have registered with various servers do not need to remember different login passwords for each. For changing password, the scheme allows users to choose their passwords freely and update it off-line.

Arithmetic coding is a widely applied compression tool with superior coding efficiency to other entropy coding methods. However, it suffers from the error resilience and complexity. In this paper, the integer implementation of binary arithmetic coding with forbidden symbol for error resilience is studied. Coding redundancies for employing different quantization coefficients in probability representation and cost effective backtracking distance in bits for maximum a posteriori MAP decoding are studied in depth. We observe that the optimal quantization coefficients are independent of forbidden symbol and the probabilities of source and the cost effective backtracking distance is related to the source entropy and the given forbidden symbol probabilities.

Such observations are also demonstrated by extensive experiments. In a femto-cell system, frequent handover among femto-cells may happen. Also, the probability of handover failure may increase during the frequent handover. In this paper, we propose a load-balanced handover with adaptive hysteresis in a femto-cell system considering channel allocation status of target base station.

Analysis on the relationship between closed loop circuit steady flow and Impedance, voltage, load. Established a loop line power model, Put forward to reduce the loop line steady-state current method. Through one distribution of loop failures, proved that the method is correct and effective, It has guiding significance to distribution network loop. Factors concerning ship-bridge collision hazard assessment suitable for bridge collision-proof warning system are analyzed from the perspective of shore base controllers.

In light of the factors, ship collision hazard analysis algorithm based on decision-making with fuzzy judgement is elaborated, and the ship collision-proof warning software system is built so as to detect the potential risk among numerous ships against the safety of the bridge with the aid of computer. The target of the system lies in the attempt to locate an active method of detecting potential collision other than a passive one and minimize the collision risk.

In recent years, superconducting fault current limiter SFCL has become one of the forefront topics of current-limiting technology in the world. In this paper, the structure and working principle of several SFCLs which perform high in the actual power grid, such as resistance type, reaction type, hybrid type, magnetic shielding type, saturated iron core type, bridge type, active type and three-phase circuit reactance type.

Clustering gene sequences into families is important for understanding and predicting gene function. Many clustering algorithms and alignment-free similarity measures have been used to analyze gene family. The clustering results can be influenced by the similarity measure and clustering algorithm used. We compare the results from running four commonly used clustering methods, including K-means, single-linkage clustering, complete-linkage clustering and average-linkage clustering, on three alignment-free similarity measures. We try to find out which method should provide the best clustering result based on real-world gene family datasets.

Experiment results show that average-linkage clustering with our similarity measure, DMk, performed best. Simulation has been proven one of the fundamental methodologies in operations research-related fields. The simulation created by an object-oriented program has the advantages of hierarchical structures, inheritance, polymorphism, and the re-use of objects. This paper uses eM-plant software for object-oriented, which is based on the minimum overall traveling distance as the optimum performance index, the cross aisle quantity, warehouse layout, storage assignment, picking route planning, and picking density in the warehouse system.

This paper aims to improve the performance of order picking system in a warehouse through an object-oriented simulation study. Data are obtained from a real case. This study examines several storage assignment policies and several sensitivity analyses. Finally, the results provide managers as a reference in the warehouse planning or warehouse design improvement in the future. Grid computing differs from traditional high performance computing systems in the heterogeneity of the computing nodes and communication links, as well as background workloads that may be present in the computing nodes.

This paper studies dynamic resource balanced assignment algorithms to gauge their suitability for solving grid resource sharing problems. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is shown for a number of test problems. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is superior to other task scheduling algorithms. Phishing attacks have increased in the last years despite the use of anti-phishing filters.

This is mainly caused by the diversity of phishers trials and the improvement on targeting potential victims on internet. Usually phishers employ social engineering techniques trying to convince users to supply confidential data using the email as the dissemination vehicle. Phishers disguise attacks as trustworthy organizations by cloning websites. According to international monitoring, phishing causes real injury mainly to banks and government institutions. This paper proposes important features to detect phishing attacks employing data mining techniques to evaluate and compare them.

Frontiers in Education 2015

In this work we have used public corpora of phishing messages. As a main result we have identified main phishing detection criteria, which have been evaluated and best accurate results were achieved using neural nets and decision trees. It provides high compressibility quality and adaptability for internet transmission.

The major methods for video security protection are digital watermarking and multimedia encryption. In this paper, we focus our works on the video security protection; propose a video security protection system combining digital watermarking and digital encryption. Our improved method increases the efficiency of embedding watermark while keeping the same robust. And we also propose a video encryption method based on scrambling. Experiment results confirm that the performance of our improved algorithm is better than the existing methods.

Low density parity-check LDPC code is, currently, one kind of sparse parity-check matrix based linear block error-correcting codes which could highly approach the Shannon limit with iterative decoding. CMMB is the first multimedia broadcasting system in China that is targeted at handheld devices with small screens, such as mobile phones and PDA.

This paper first introduces the encoding of LDPC based on LU decomposition, and then derives the transform process of LU decomposition algorithm of sparse matrix. Finally, based on the decomposition results of sparse matrix for the LDPC code used in CMMB, it is verified that the mincolproduct algorithm has achieved its expected goal. Web applications can only be accessed through dedicated client systems called Web browsers. This gives a challenge to the follow-up testing.

Additionally, the detailed process and implementation methods were give out. Finally, automatic generation of test cases was carried out.

This paper is concerned with handoff mechanisms in wireless cellular networks that employ MIMO technology. To achieve optimal performance during handoff, the mobile receiver can be linked to antennas from both the base stations of the adjacent cells. Then the handoff is termed multicell handoff. March 13, All Acceptance Communications.

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