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Open the project account.

Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server Developer's Guide -- Contents

Back up the file vcacct. This starts the Sample Visual Basic bank application and runs vbbank. Click the Account or the MoveMoney radio boxes under the Component field. Connect with the username scott and the password tiger unless you changed it :. Skip Headers. To ensure the database includes the proper tables, determine if the database includes the proper tables: If you create the database automatically using the General Purpose, Transaction Processing, or Data Warehouse database configuration type of Oracle Universal Installer or Database Configuration Assistant or manually using a custom SQL script, and then explicitly running the scott.

Go to "Running the Microsoft Application Demo". If the database does not include the proper tables, you must create them manually.

Installation Requirements for Microsoft Transaction Server

Build vcacct. Oracle Automatic Storage Management. Oracle In-Memory Database Cache. High Availability. Data Guard. Oracle Streams. Advanced Replication. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Oracle Warehouse Builder. Data Mining. Communications Data Model. Unstructured Data and Content Management. Oracle Secure Files and Large Objects.

Designing an Application that Uses Multiple Databases

Oracle Text and Ultra Search. Oracle Spatial and Location Information. Oracle Multimedia.

Oracle SQL Developer Tutorial For Beginners 65 OLTP Online Transaction Processing System

Other Content Types. Information Integration. Heterogeneous Connectivity. Additional Features. Database-Level Security.

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Oracle Database Vault. Application Development Application development for Oracle Database involves a wide range of programming technologies. In a dedicated server configuration, one client corresponds to one Oracle server process.

Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server

For scalability under heavy loads, Oracle clients have the option of using a shared server configuration. In a shared server configuration, a single Oracle server process can be shared by more than one client connection. Microsoft Transaction Server communicates with the database through distributed transactions. In a dedicated server configuration, you cannot use distributed updates data manipulation language statements across database links from other databases.

However, if the original connection to the database is established using shared server configurations, the distributed updates from other databases succeed. To use data manipulation language statements in shared server configurations, set the following parameter in the tnsnames. This forces the Oracle Net listener to provide a dedicated connection. Figure shows this process.

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Oracle Net connection pooling enables you to minimize the number of physical network connections to a shared server. This is achieved by sharing a dispatcher's set of connections among multiple client processes. The two-phase commit protocol completes these transactions. During phase one, the transaction manager TM requests the various resource managers involved in the TM's transaction to prepare the underlying distributed transactions. In phase two, the TM determines whether it commits or terminates the transaction, and requests the resource managers to commit or terminate the underlying transaction.

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