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With an average family of four, that makes 2.

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Unexpected health events health shocks are the most common reason for loan defaults and can derail the efforts of poor clients to build and sustain successful income-generating activities. MFIs can provide valuable social benefits while at the same time enhancing their financial performance over the long term by strengthening client loyalty and differentiating themselves from their competitors.

The report outlines the range and frequency of the different health needs being addressed by MFIs.

Healthcare in Peru

As Soledad Ovando Green, general manager of Microempresas de BancoEstado in Chile, explains in the Foreword to the report, "The financial organizations that reach micro-entrepreneurs can play a key role to improve health: they can help by leading community awareness campaigns, building local distribution points and networks by facilitating linkages to healthcare providers for micro-entrepreneurs and their families and with the provision of health financing products. The report also presents examples of MFIs providing access to appropriate and affordable healthcare services.

HFG is preparing a suite of 20 tools covering the areas of health financing, costing, priority setting, planning and deployment of human resources, information systems, costing and forecasting medicines, electronic clinical records, and managing health networks. This legacy of tools, capacity building, manuals, and policies involving measurable outcomes will be available on the HFG website in late In particular, the private sector has played a key role in the expansion of publicly financed health services.

Finally, a package of 20 legislative decrees Legislative Decrees written with input and technical assistance from several USAID-funded projects was approved by the Peruvian congress in The package of decrees contains provisions to consolidate health sector reform and move toward UHC, including:.

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The expansion of health coverage to the current level of 80 percent has had a positive impact on maternal and child health and survival, achieving two Millennium Development Goals ahead of schedule: The number of women delivering in health facilities increased from 57 percent in to 89 percent in —and from 24 to 72 percent in rural areas. Poor women also suffer from discrimination when they go to health facilities.

CLAS in Peru: Community Involvement in Health

They may be judged as unworthy of care because they:. While some maternal and child health indicators have been improving, Peruvian society is challenged by chronic malnutrition and anemia among children and pregnant women. The solution requires more than just a clinical response. Our work with families includes:.

Healthcare in Peru - Wikipedia

The impact of the First 1, Days program on children living with chronic malnutrition and anemia has been incredible. Economic opportunities mean a small increase in income that is used to buy better more nutritious food.

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While needy families are our main partners, working with community health workers is critical. Through our strategic alliance with Bon Secours Sisters , we work with community health agents , public health teams, teachers, municipality officers, and others who are very interested in seeing how the improvements that we are making in families could be extended to other realities.

They are people, mostly women, from the community and can teach their peers how to improve family health. In Trujillo, community health workers are trained, trusted leaders who bring quality care and respect to those most in need.

Peru Improving Health Care For The Poor

However, Peruvian society still needs to overcome many challenges to ensure that the right to health is a reality for everybody. Not only were these children invisible within their own communities, but they were also completely without access to many state services.

Strategies to improve health coverage

State services are not available for children living with disabilities in rural areas.